Broadcast your event

A live projection enables everybody in your audience to witness whatever happens on stage from different angles. This multicam can also be recorded for post-event purposes (ex. event movie) or you can even go live and stream it on YouTube or Facebook.

Relive the moment

Every great event comes to an end. Luckely their is the aftermovie. A perfect combination of atmosphere and important highlights from the multicam recording lets your visitors relive all of the captivating moments and will make future visitors wish they were part of it.

Spice up your presentations

Convert those numbers and statistics into eye-catching animated infographics. Enrich your presentations with video testimonials, quotes, interviews, showcases,… . With the help of infotainment your message will definitely get across.

So call me maybe?

So you still got a burning question. You’ve got an incredible idea, but no idea how to get it done. You’re searching for the right tone of voice to make a real impact.
Or maybe you want to collaborate on a project?

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