Custom audiovisual projects made with a personal approach

Like all legends, Medialife was born in our garage. We nurtured it and gave it all we got. Many years later we are still growing and in need of a new home.

Again, we are starting from the ground up: a new location, a brand new building and more creative space then we could ever hope for.

Every project needs a handcrafted and personalized approach. It’s important to listen to your story before we start with anything else. Who are you, what is your message and who is your ideal audience?

During the production process we like to include our customers in every step. This way, we can ensure the project is a representation of who you are as a brand and what you stand for.

Social responsibility

Caring for a better world? Yes, we do! No matter how far away, Medialife is engaged to help society and the planet we all share. Locally we are member of JCI Limburg as well as partner of Hart voor Limburg.

Across the sea we are committed to helping local businesses in Africa with Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

Below you can find some examples of projects we supported in the past.