The story behind the content

At Medialife, we understand that content is more than just a visual or textual expression.

We collaborate with our clients to create a creative concept for their content, starting with an in-depth preliminary phase where we determine strategy, target audiences, and objectives. We also consider cross-media possibilities and the use of different platforms.

Based on this information, we brainstorm and generate ideas.

We think about the look & feel of the content, the tone of voice, and the message we want to convey.

We ensure the concept is creative and distinctive, yet effective and relevant to the target audience.

The preliminary phase is a crucial step in the concept development process:

What is the goal of the content or event? What do we want to achieve with our message?
What content already exists, and what has the client already done?
Target Audiences
Who are our target audiences? What are their needs and interests?
What do we want to achieve with our target audiences? What is a realistic outcome?
How do we want to deploy the content or event across different media and platforms?
Which media and platforms will we use for the content or event?
Which KPIs will we use to measure the success of the content or event?

Specialization in events

Concept development is key to creating engaging and impactful stories for both content creation and events. At Medialife, we specialize in all techniques, stories, and concept development. We ensure the concept encompasses all aspects of the event, from the invitation to the aftermovie.

Whether it’s visual elements, audiovisual presentations, or other event content, we ensure everything seamlessly aligns with the overarching story.

The result is always a creative and effective concept for your content or event. This concept forms the basis for the further development and execution of your project.

It’s a partnership where we jointly explore the boundaries of creativity. Together, we take on the challenge of not just creating content but delivering an experience that resonates with the audience and has a lasting impact.