Bigger, better, faster

A webinar? An interview with studio guests? An online show? An informative presentation? Viewer interaction? Anything is possible.

These days, we can’t imagine life without livestreams. They offer viewers the perfect mix of information, interaction, and entertainment, all in a highly accessible way. It’s the ultimate modern solution for online events and presentations.


Live video & event

Livestream, live-on-tape, or hybrid

Discover our ‘Live video & event’ service, where technical expertise and effective project management come together for your ultimate event. Our experienced team ensures an immersive viewing experience with multi-camera setups and streamlined direction. Scripts, interactive elements, and creative video content elevate your event to the next level.

With our in-house expertise, we offer a complete service for live streams, live-on-tape, and hybrid events, including the ability to facilitate a suitable studio.


Event support

Support from A to Z

Do you have an upcoming event? Medialife is your partner for aftermovies and event photography. We provide a team of cameraman and photographer who will capture your event or staff party in a cool, trendy way, all in the same style. We have the capability to deliver the aftermovie and photos in high quality within a few days, so they can quickly be used on social media.

During the event, we can also provide entertainment with our media booth and digital content on a large screen. Let’s build memories that last forever.



Time-lapse photography of a long-term process

Using our own developed timelapse cameras, we perform recordings over long periods, ranging from days and weeks to months and even years. We maintain control remotely via the 4G network. This innovative approach allows us to accurately capture the progress of various projects. Customers can follow the developments through the online client portal.

Whether it’s construction projects, changes in nature, or other dynamic themes, our services guarantee reliable monitoring and documentation over extended periods.