Ensuring privacy is an important task for us. That’s why we describe in our privacy policy what information we collect and how we use this information. By using the information and services on www.medialife.be and its subsites, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms included therein.

Data controller

Medialife BV collects, records, and processes personal data of its customers, freelancers, and suppliers. Certain data must be explicitly provided, while other data are collected automatically through ‘cookies’ that gather information (see cookie policy).

The data communicated, whether explicitly or automatically, are recorded and processed in the database of Medialife BV, located at Walter Thijsstraat 2 in Hasselt.

Medialife BV is the data controller for the personal data collected through the website and/or other channels and oversees the processing carried out by other parties at its request.

Use of your data

Medialife BV always aims to clearly ask for your consent to use the personal data you provide at the moment you supply it to us (e.g., when sending certain forms). In some cases, Medialife BV may infer this consent from your actions and behavior (e.g., actively opening multiple newsletters without explicitly unsubscribing via the unsubscribe link).

Also, in the context of executing a legal agreement, complying with a legal obligation, or protecting the legitimate interest of Medialife BV, we may process your data. Medialife BV will always consider your interest, rights, and freedoms to ensure they are not outweighed.

Your data (excluding sensitive personal data) may be used for the sale and promotion of our services and to keep you informed of our activities. When receiving newsletters by email, you always have the option to adjust your preferences or to unsubscribe permanently.

Your contact details may be used to contact you directly, by mail, telephone, or email.

Medialife BV is in no case liable for the use that third parties make of your data.

Access to and correction of data

You guarantee that the data you provide are accurate and complete.

You always have the right to access, correct, delete your data, and to object to the processing and transfer of your data free of charge via gdpr@medialife.be.

Medialife BV will not retain your data longer than legally permitted and in any case not longer than necessary for the purposes stated herein.

Transfer of data abroad

By providing information that relates to you, you agree that your personal data may be transferred to servers outside Belgium for processing. This is always related to the agreement we have with you. Medialife BV always monitors how these external data processors handle your data.


Medialife BV ensures appropriate and secure administrative, technical, and physical processing of personal data and provides security measures that protect against accidental, illegal, or unauthorized loss, alteration, access, disclosure, use, or destruction. Examples of these measures include an internal policy for staff, access control to company buildings, etc.


The processing of personal data within Medialife BV is subject to Belgian law.

This privacy policy is regularly updated. You will not be notified of this as an anonymous visitor to our website. The latest update was made on February 22, 2021.

For questions or requests, you can contact us via email at gdpr@medialife.be.