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Our team is bursting with crazy energy, much like our office dogs. Wagging tails and with great enthusiasm, we dive into our work. Humor and job satisfaction are totally our thing, along with a strong dose of initiative, flexibility, and robust collaboration.

Does this sound like you? And do you love a trendy and modern workplace in creative Hasselt or vibrant Antwerp? Can you fully immerse yourself in creative challenges? Then quickly check our current job openings!

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A job at Medialife

Inspiring work environment

Welcome to our workplaces in Hasselt and Antwerp.

Our Hasselt office is a hub of energy and creativity, where collaboration and innovation converge. With vibrant colors, modern decor, and an open atmosphere, we’ve created an inspiring workspace where everyone feels at home and thrives.

In the heart of Antwerp’s historic center, our base enchants with its unique ambiance in a former monastery. The blend of historical beauty and modern activity makes it an inspiring place.

Flexible hours

Your time, your rhythm! With us, you’ll enjoy flexible hours, ensuring your work aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.

Competitive compensation

Our competitive compensation rewards your effort and talent. Join us, and let’s achieve greatness together!

Open application

We are always on the lookout for freelancers and new talent. Surprise us and send your CV and an enthusiastic cover letter to And perhaps you’ll soon be part of our top team!